Diesel Advantage

Got Diesel?

It is easy to see that a Shamrock diesel inboard gets better fuel economy, lasts longer and costs less to keep. Advantage Shamrock!

Seasoned mariners have learned and valued the advantages of a single inboard engine with a Pocket Drive; that's why they use them. In fact, Shamrock Pocket Drive boats are used around the world as tenders, in commercial towing or salvage operations, even working on oil spills in Alaska. So when you get behind the helm of a Shamrock Pocket Drive, you can rest assure you have years of hard, real world service behind you.

Diesel Inboard Outboard
Horsepower 315 250
RPM @ Cruise 2500 4000
Fuel burn 3.5 gal/hr 12 gal/hr
Time to major repair 6000 hrs 1000 hr
Tune-up No Yes
Timing belt replacement No


Clean fishable transom Yes No
Safer more stable boat Yes No
Better resale value Yes No

Results may vary depending upon load, sea conditions and other variables.

Yanmar 4LHA-STP

Yanmar 6BY260

Yanmar 6LPA-STP