Keel Drive Advantage

Shamrock manufactures a boat with a full-length integrated keel, called the Keel Drive. It is laid up as part of the hull, not bolted or glassed on afterward. After the hull is laid up, the keel section is filled with a catalyzed mixture of high impact polyester resin, glass fiber and silica sand which is poured in place and allowed to harden. The result is a solid core many times stronger than concrete, impervious to moisture and rot. The keel acts like a two inch thick I-beam running the entire length of the boat. Following are some of the key Advantages of the Keel Drive system.

Superior Underwater Protection
Running aground is a fact of life; but, with a Keel Drive it doesn't have to carry the heavy price tag that it does with most boats. Since the keel is a strong integrated part of the hull, it provides exceptional protection to the prop, shaft, and rudder. This makes it one of the few designs you can beach or run in shallow water without risking damage.

Improved Stability
Shamrock's Keel Drive hull combined with a direct drive inboard engine creates a low center of gravity making the boat very stable whether you are trolling or taking on the high seas.

Longer Lasting Inboard Engines
Whether you choose the standard fuel-injected Crusader gas engine or the longest lasting marine engine on the market, Yanmar Diesel, you will be choosing a power train that will last at least 2 times longer than any other marine propulsion on the market today. In fact, according to industry standards a diesel engine will lasts 6 times longer than an outboard.

Fuel Economy
Horsepower to Horsepower, inboard power burns less fuel than a four-cycle outboard engine. Typical outboard engines burn 10-14 gals/hr, where an inboard gas motor only burns 7-8 gals/hr and diesel engines burn 3-5 gals/hr.

Commercial-Grade Durability
Seasoned mariners have learned and valued the advantages of a single inboard engine with a Keel Drive; thatís why they use them. In fact, Shamrock Keel Drive boats are used around the world as tenders, in commercial towing or salvage operations, even working on oil spills in Alaska. So when you get behind the helm of a Shamrock Keel Drive, you can rest assured you have years of hard, real world service behind you.